Andrey Kozakov

Andrey Kozakov paints his architectural scenes with something slightly askew: a building will lean almost imperceptibly, proportions might be a tiny bit out of balance, or a cloud cover will appear slightly unreal. The proportions and shading of his works, containing real or imagined landscapes, convey an energy, and a feeling of movement just below the surface. 

His constructivist style is reminiscent of the early 20th Century Soviet artists. He envisions his work in 3D, sometimes preferring sculpture to painting, or making architectural models to represent his paintings. 

Katie St. Clair

I am inspired by the rich sensations of living and dying life. The crunching of pine needles beneath my feet. Decaying leaves under the muddy surface of a puddle. The lichen that is inseparable from its stone. I believe stories are held in the landscape. 

My large-scale landscapes weave layers of paint into fragmented photo collages of highly detailed images of nature. I take my own photographs and use them as collage material, layering the surface to build an image. It’s like a kaleidoscope, or a fractured lens that I twist until the image forms. 

Radha Lakshmi

Radha Lakshmi is an interdisciplinary artist whose contemporary works of art emerge from the ‘Feminine and Earth’ and women’s ritual arts from the South of India. In Chennai, Southern India, where I grew up, women rose before dawn. It was their quiet time with the universe. Free from their hectic schedule, women clean and draw patterns on the ground, at the entrances of their home. This traditional ritual of creating sacred patterns with rice powder or paste on walls or the ground, is a tradition that has been passed down from mother to daughter for over two thousand years. Over the years, my art and research has been inspired by my early exposure to this oral tradition and printmaking. 

Kara Sheldon

Kara Sheldon developed an early interest in art and ceramics. “I have been creating things out of clay since I was a kid, collecting it from creek-beds and creating little objects I would 'fire' in the sun.” Her current focus is making abstract, contemporary, porcelain objects. “Porcelain is the hardest type of clay. It does not have a lot of air bubbles or empty space; it is very dense and fine.” The objects are designed to be multi-purpose: they can stand alone as individual sculptures or be grouped together to make larger compositions, either arranged on surfaces or hung as an installation. Different glaze techniques are used to make each object more individualized and ornate. 

Sheldon grew up in Cincinnati and received her BFA from DAAP, the College of Design Architecture Art and Planning, at the University of Cincinnati. 

Spencer van der Zee

Spencer often works from dreams, exploring the ideas that arise within his relaxed consciousness. "I create an alternate reality full of situations that could happen in the real world, but rarely do. My drawings and paintings exaggerate that world, and shine a spotlight on the bizarre day-to-day life of its inhabitants." 

His work has evolved naturally into a stream-of-consciousness, abstract style. His latest paintings demonstrate a sophisticated minimalism, using fewer lines and only a few bold, expressive colors. 

Viktor Posnov

Viktor Posnov was born in Tallinn, Estonia, in 1991. Shortly after moving to the US in 2009, he began making expeditions into remote places of natural beauty. His photography developed from his passion for outdoor travel; the images became his way of documenting the places he discovered. 

Viktor has an instinctive eye for composition and for capturing the most compelling images. He shoots primarily with natural light and simple equipment, letting the splendor of the natural landscapes emerge on their own. His favorite subject is water, and his favorite place is Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

To capture his scenes Viktor goes on the road for months at a time. He has visited all of the national parks in the Continental US, and is currently on a year long trip through Australia and New Zealand.


Didem Mert

Didem Mert is a dynamic, young, ceramics artist with a nationally growing reputation for imaginative and skillfully-executed designs. Mert spent much of her childhood in her father’s wood shop where she was influenced by the functionality and utility of his designs. This background has played a role in the formation of her identity and the identity of her work in art and ceramics. She believes that art can be as sculptural as it is functional and as beautiful as it is practical. Her works range from fine art sculptures to practical, everyday objects, all showcasing a fresh originality.

“My work strives to bring forth a sense of tranquility in its minimalistic design, yet there is a sense of playfulness directed through the pinched surface.” Didem received a BFA in Ceramics from Northern Kentucky University, and was nationally recognized for her ceramics work in 2014. Mert has exhibited around the country, and has been included in C File’s list of “15 Potters to Watch in 2016”. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Ceramics from Edinboro University, in Pennsylvania.

Jacci Delaney

Jacci Delaney works in glass, casting from unexpected materials and using innovative techniques to create groundbreaking sculptures that inspire a sense of discovery. Delaney’s Bubble Wrap series resulted from her desire to cast glass using a tactile and commonplace material. The bubbles give her contemporary, fine art sculptures an approachability and compel viewers to touch. 

Her recent works, composed of hundreds of fractures, resulted from a kiln power surge that shattered her original castings. Delaney patiently assembled the sculptures, piece by piece, with an epoxy she mixed with a vibrant textile dye used by only a handful of artists in the glass world. “I had taken something broken and put it back together. The result was more beautiful than it was before.” 

Delaney is an accomplished artist who works out of Glass Axis in Columbus, Ohio. She received her BFA from Southern Illinois University, as well as a BA in Art History. She received her MFA from The Ohio State University in Columbus.